Machine Operator

The Machine Operatoris responsible for set-up, operation, maintenance and repair of machinery on the production floor. Operators must have good mechanical skills and be able to troubleshoot and perform machine set-ups. Reports to and takes direction from the designated Production Supervisor.

Key Responsibilities

  • Read and interpret job instructions prior to machine set-up and/or evaluate reference sample(s) as an aid to machinery set-up.
  • Set up and operate production machines in accordance with established procedures and guidelines, and perform quality validation at set-up prior to production launch.
  • Perform quality checks and monitor productivity numbers during the production run and adjust machine settings as required to complete production tasks within acceptable quality and productivity standards (according to specifications).
  • Manage set ups and change-overs, per specifications, and maintain production schedule run time to meet due dates of multiple projects during the day.
  • Effectively problem-solve under pressure and work to meet project completion deadlines.
  • Complete machine/line clearance at end of each production run and maintain cleanliness of machinery and work area, following good housekeeping and 5-S Lean disciplines, at the end of each shift.
  • Understand and support production quality and productivity objectives, and perform necessary adjustments and/or minor repairs on machinery to further these objectives.
  • Read and interpret machine and safety instructions to run, maintain, and complete production projects based on all instructions and standards.
  • Work effectively in a dynamic production environment and embrace a positive teamwork approach with others in the production department as well as extended team members outside the department.
  • Work together with the machine maintenance team to help evaluate, troubleshoot, and resolve machine problems that arise during production runs can't be resolved through your own independent effort.
  • Pursue cross-training and skill development on multiple machines.
  • Operate machines and/or cross train other machine operators as assigned.

Qualifications and Skills

  • General math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division whole numbers and fractions).
  • Strong work ethic, dependable job performance, and reliable attendance.
  • Independent problem solving skills.
  • Strong communication skills (verbal and listening) to effectively resolve inter-departmental issues, meet production due date requirements and preform consistent with customer expectations.
  • Effective technical communication skills (both verbal and written) and ability to understand as well as follow verbal, written, and visual instructions.
  • Attention to detail and able to collect and report variable data during production operation.
  • Strong multitasking and organizational skills. Able to operate and manage with flexibility in a dynamic, fast paced, and team oriented work environment.
  • Working knowledge of Project Ticket procedural requirements, documentation, and closure steps.
  • Working knowledge of Corporate Order procedural steps and documentation requirements. Strong mechanical aptitude and machine repair skills with ability to learn machine step-ups, adjustments, operating procedures, and minor repair procedures on various production machines (progressive learning).
  • Mechanical skills necessary to troubleshoot and resolve issues during production runs.
  • Applicable machine computer skills and ability to retrieve files and navigate between file directories.
  • Ability to understand and meet customer (internal and external) expectations and perform work that consistently meets a high quality standard set by the company.
  • Ability to setup and maintain accurate placement of inkjet text at designated print position
  • Ability to pass OJT qualification review check after each machine operation procedural training steps are complete.
  • All Dialog Direct operational training (on-the-job apprentice and written instructional) as required to become proficient at setting up, running, trouble shooting, and performing standard adjustments with all assigned machines commensurate with SL3 Skill Point Level (must meet SL3 Level criteria on Dialog Direct Machine Skill Point Matrix).
  • Must understand and meet required productivity and quality standard while operating machines.

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